Following the success of the first and second "Rencontres R" (Bordeaux and Lyon), the third meeting will take place in Montpellier on 25-27 June 2014.  The aim of the meeting is to provide a national forum for the exchange and sharing of ideas on the use of R in different disciplines (visualisation, applied statistics, biostatistics and bioinformatics, Bayesian statistics, data analysis, modelling, machine learning, high performance computing...). 

A series of tutorials (free for participants but compulsory registration) on specific or advanced R topics will be proposed to registered people for the afternoon of Wednesday, June 25.


The programme will consist in plenary sessions, oral presentations, lightning talks and posters (see page Submission for more details) presenting:

  • new developments in statistics and their implementation in R
  • new extensions
  • original applications and case studies using R in different domains and disciplines (-omics, bioinformatics, environment, psychometrics, social science, chemometrics,...);
  • Computational aspects of R (parallel processing, visualization, interfacing with other software, graphical user interface,...);
  • teaching with  R.

The meeting is aimed at all kinds of R users: researchers, teachers, students, commercial users ... It is open to statisticians, computer scientists and all application domains and is for both new and experienced users.

The official language is French but talks can be given in English.

You can listen to Guillaume Bagnolini program (Radio Campus Montpellier) here.

Pdf files of presentations will be available on this website on September 3rd.

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